Missouri Missing

Missouri Missing is a 501(c)(3) state and federal recognized non-profit organization.

Our executive board is made up of people who have walked the walk in the world of the missing. All of us have or have had a loved one missing.

Short Description: To unite as one voice for our missing; create a support network for the loved ones of all missing persons and to educate and create awareness for the families of all missing persons.

Our Mission

Provide a voice for the missing and unidentified who can no longer speak for themselves.

Provide support for families who have missing loved ones through an outreach program.

Educate and provide public awareness of the impact of missing persons in Missouri.

Work closely with law enforcement and provide as much assistance as possible to individuals and law enforcement agencies in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of all cases involving missing persons in Missouri.

Distribute photographs and information of all Missing Persons in Missouri. Continue to restructure the organization to maximize the efficient use of resources available to families of the missing.





Active Board Members

Marianne Asher-Chapman Co-Founder of Missouri Missing


- Mother of a missing daughter, Angie Yarnell.

- Appeared on the Montel Williams Show, September 2005.

- Co-founded the Missouri Missing organization in August, 2007 with Peggy Florence (no longer active).

- Organized and held first Missouri's Missing and Unidentified Person's Awareness day on June 17, 2008.

- Granted proclamation from the Governor every year since 2008 proclaiming Missouri Missing and Unidentified Persons Awareness Day.

- 2009 started a Hunter Awareness Campaign. This yearly campaign garnered the attention of the Missouri Department of Conservation who included Missouri Missing's campaign letter in their hunting classeses held across the state.

- Over the years have built and maintained close relationship with Missouri State Highway Patrol on missing persons matters. Missouri State Highway Patrol manages the missing person clearinghouse for the state of Missouri.

- August 2013 Missouri Missing's 501(c)(3) non-profit status was granted.

- Organized and hosted many vigils, memorials, rally's, etc., for the missing and their families.

- Founded and admin very active Missouri Missing Facebook page.

- Volunteers for and has been recognized with her work with Restorative Justice.

- Interviewed multiple times by media both TV news stations and newspapers.

- Supporter of the Federal bill: Help Find the Missing Act (Billy's Law).


Judy Neal Courtney
Vice Executive Director


- Sister of missing/found deceased Carol Thompson. In the process of seeking justice.

- Experienced speaker. Spoke at Missouri Missing and Unidentified Persons Awareness Day, June 2014.

- Experienced networker and communicator. Opens doors when others can't.

- Interviewed multiple times by media both TV news stations and newspapers.

- Admin on Missouri Missing's Facebook page.

Maureen Reintjes
Executive Director Communication


- Wife of missing spouse (resolved without answers).
- Career: Communications
- Training: National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (www.namus.gov) Victim Advocate (Kansas).
Nominated to and attended Academy in ABQ in 2010 .
- Training: Fox Valley Technical College nominated for and awarded scholarship for the FVTC Missing and Unidentified Persons Training Conference
- Admin on Missouri Missing's Facebook page.
- Founder: Peace for Missing and Unidentified Persons (Command Central for Billy's Law)
- Experienced speaker. Keynote speaker at Missouri Missing and Unidentified Persons Awareness Day, June 2014. Have spoke several times at this event over the years. Speaker for event put on by Media for the Missing. Keynote speaker for 2014 Opie's Fest (missing Jesse Ross).
- Retreatant at Project Jason's Keys to Healing Retreat, multiple times.
- Interviewed multiple times by media both TV news stations and newspapers.
- VIRTUS Protecting God's Children Certified.







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