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Our Mission:

Missouri Missing is a 501(c)(3) exists to:

Provide a voice for the missing and unidentified who can no longer speak for themselves.

Provide support for families who have missing loved ones through an outreach program.

Educate and provide public awareness of the impact of missing persons in Missouri.

Work closely with law enforcement and provide as much assistance as possible to individuals and law enforcement agencies in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of all cases involving missing persons in Missouri.

Distribute photographs and information of all Missing Persons in Missouri.

Continue to restructure the organization to maximize the efficient use of resources available to families of the missing.

Our Missing - Who are they?

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Families of the Missing REaching OUt to Help Each Other!

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Contact Us

Missouri Missing
PO Box 1688
Jefferson City, MO 65102
(573) 619-8100



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